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This exhibtion stems from the idea of re-evaluating the area by experimenting with new ways of narrating Argentiera’s history and memories.

MEMORIE is the first hub of the permanent installation. This brings to light the life of the village and its inhabitants inside and outside the mine. A journey that is rebuilt thanks to the contribution of experts and the participation of the local community - that decided to share its private memories to make them a collective memory.

The path starts from the ancient washer and continues winding through the main buildings and old ruins populated with objects and images of past and present. All these objects speak about stories of work, family and everyday life that for over a century have animated the township.


Visiting hour

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Time of the visit:

50 minutes

Free Entry

Guided Tour and Group Reservation

Free entry in groups up to 10 people escorted by the guides. The guard staff is responsible for the safety and smooth running of the visit: the instructions of the staff must be carefully followed.

For organizational reasons and for a better public use obligatory booking of all visits for more than people is requested.

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A cura di

Andrea Maspero e Paola Serrittu


Consulenza storica

Gianfranco Madarese

con la collaborazione di

Roberto Camedda, Tore Corriga, Antonello Falchi, Andrea Maciocco, Luciano Otelli, Giorgio Paolucci, Pietro Tocco


Progetto di allestimento  e Progetto grafico mostra e comunicazione


Disegni di

Gianfranco Madarese

Foto, video e oggetti

Archivio Ass. Industria RAS - ex Distretto Minerario, Archivio Storico Comunale Iglesias, Archivio Storico Minerario Igea, Archivio e Collezione Famiglie Cocco, Demontis, Deriu, Loi, Mannoni, Melino, Mura, Peru, Porcheddu, Tanda

Elaborazione dei testi esplicativi in mostra 

Gianfranco Madarese, Andrea Maspero, Paola Serrittu, Maddalena Simula


Traduzione dei testi esplicativi in mostra 

Christopher Loades, Rita Nieddu, Gabriella Serrittu

Realizzazione dell’allestimento 

Andrea Maspero e Paola Serrittu

con la collaborazione di

Antonello Baldino, Giampiero Costa, Paolo Costa, Claudia Fenu, Carlo Gaspa, Antonio Olivieri, Giancarlo Oggiano, Valentina Orrù, Anna Pischedda, Andrea  Ruiu, Mariangela Sai, Antonio Salaris, Maddalena Simula, Marco Sotgiu, Alessandro Virdis, Luigi Zirattu, Character srl, Grafiche Peana, Lime srl, Tino Poddighe

Associazione Culturale LandWorks

Sassari (Italy)

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