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19th - 26th May


LW 2018


The operative workshop for the creation of art installations in the landscape of Landworks Sardinia 2018 is an international experimental program based on the operative method between art, architecture and landscape for the enhancement of the landscape and cultural heritage goods, and it is presented as a large on-site research and open-air atelier, designed to trigger or accelerate the development processes of the Unesco heritage historical mining village of Argentiera, nowadays abandoned and disused.

Together with local actors and under the guidance of internationally renowned professionals, the workshop participants will be divided into different groups who will work under the direction of team leaders of their choice for 10 intense days, in which they will realize temporary or permanent installations to help the innovative restoration, renewal and economic recovery of the outstanding mining village.


The purpose of LandWorks is to contribute to the enhancement of the development of cultural landscape resources in the Argentiera mining village with the aim to contribute to new ways of local restoration, renewal and economic recovery.

Temporary works of landscape realizations can offer a catalytic impulse in view of a permanent development of the sites, new economic realities and new possible future alternatives, as well as proposing new modes of cultural tourism which will enable visitors to discover the place and its history..

This workshop will be a first activity of the LandWorks + project, a long term collaboration between the University of Sassari, the Municipality of Sassari, the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "DeVilla" and LandWorks Cultural Association.


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