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18th-28th May


© Filippo Romano



Based on the encouraging success of LW Sardinia 2011/12/13/14/15/16, LandWorks Cultural Association 2017 will for the first time cross the island boundary of Sardinia to focus its attention on Calabria in South Italy. 

LandWorks, in collaboration with the DADU (Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Sassari), the DIATIC (Department of Environmental Engineering and Land and Chemical Engineering, University of Calabria), the Municipality of Cosenza and other partners, will design and realize a number of in-situ projects to underline the significance and potential of the exceptional cultural heritage of the historical city center of Cosenza.


Together, with local actors and under the guidance of internationally renowned professional guests, the workshop participants will build temporary and permanent installations to contribute to the innovative restoration, renewal and economic recovery of the chosen sites.


With the participation of

Isabella INTI | | Milan

Ferdinand LUDWIG + Sergio SANNA | | Stuttgart

Christian PHONGPHIT | SoA+D | Bangkok

Antonio SCARPONI | | Zürich


For the first time, in addition to the landscape installations workshop, there will also be the photography workshop, in which participants will capture images of the participants and projects in order to document and interpret the territories and their transformations during the realization of the installations, under the guidance of:


Filippo ROMANO | | Milan




Stefan TISCHER | LandWorks and UNiSS, Scientific Director

Paola CANNAVÒ | UniCAL, Scientific Director

Paola SERRITTU | LandWorks, Logistic Coordinator

Erminia D’ALESSANDRO | UniCAL, Logistic Coordinator



The workshop will be open to n ° 40 students from around the world. 

Participants will be welcomed in the artistic residences BOCS-Art of Cosenza, on Via Dante Alighieri riverfront  (


The workshop will place particular emphasis on:

- District of Saint Lucia

Specific area: The district "Saint Lucia" is in the northern part of the historical centre of Cosenza, occupying the entire slope going down to the confluence of the rivers. It is characterized by an urban fabric--dense and spaced out with narrow passages. The only unoccupied spaces are empty footprints left by the collapse of old buildings.

Principal activities and participatory elements: The neighbourhood has a strong residential vocation and hosts a significant part of the weaker sections of the population. Ritual buildings represent the main architectural features.


- High School Bernardino Telesio

Specific area: The area is one of the most valuable elements of the entire old town. Some of the most important routes of the old town criss-cross this area and are lined by buildings of significant historical and architectural value. The building fabric is interspersed with numerous public and private gardens.

Principal activities and participatory elements: In addition to residential use, activities of the tertiary sector can also be found in the area. 


€ 760 all included

(food + accommodation + workshop)

The overall hours of the workshops correspond to 4 credits ECTS in the related fields: landscape architecture (ICAR 15), architecture workshops (ICAR 14), urban design (ICAR 20/21) and photography, and will be certificated with a workshop diploma for approval by the participants’ home institution.


 31st March

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