LW 2018

© Veronica  Zaru

© Ettore Cavalli



The "LandWorks" project started in 2011, within the first edition of the Masters in Mediterranean Landscape Urbanism, at the Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of Alghero (UNISS). In 2012 the project was renamed LandWorks Associazione Culturale.

The Cultural Association LandWorks organizes international operatives workshops in the field between landscape architecture, architecture, and art to explore and enhance the landscape project and cultural heritage in the Mediterranean. LandWorks focuses in places of particular historical and environmental value, often in states of decay and neglect, with socio-economic hardship as well as landscape and environmental problems such as pollution, abandoned mines, fortification systems, abandoned settlements, etc.

The purpose of LandWorks is to contribute to the enhancement of the development of cultural landscape resources in the chosen sites with the aim to contribute to new ways of local restoration, renewal and economic recovery.

Temporary works of landscape realizations can offer a catalytic impulse in view of a permanent development of the sites, new economic realities and new possible future alternatives, as well as proposing new modes of cultural tourism which will enable visitors to discover the place and its history.