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ARgentiera in AR is an installation, a novel tour that combines historical and mining memory with the artistic exploration offered by revolutionary technology.

The path to discover Argentiera develops alongside the ancient buildings and wilderness. Large artistic installations enrich the surrounding landscape with animated illustrations thanks to augmented reality. This offers a new model of interactive tourism and an innovative way to relive the area, open to the territory and freely accessible to the public.

For the production of the exhibit, digital creativity artists with different backgrounds and skills have been involved, through a national call. They have investigated the theme of the relationship between memory, man and technology. They have created an exhibit in paste up art and digital animation in augmented reality with the participation and active collaboration of the local community.


First installations were created by Francesco Clerici, Adolfo Di Molfetta, Milena Tipaldo and Andrea Zucchetti, the artists who participated in the first artist residency conceived and organized by Landworks in collaboration with Bepart and the Municipality of Sassari.

Download the free app Bepart-the public imagination movement on your smartphone from Apple Store and Google Play.

Frame the mural, but also the map itself.

Be surprised by the augmented reality work discovering Argentiera.

Let yourself be transported into another dimension, through digital. 


Visit MAR - Miniera Argentiera is simple. Just have a tablet/smartphone, consult the map of the four installations located in the Argentiera and then frame the poster with the Bepart app on each building with your smartphone to see it come alive and give life to the digital work. And, why not, photograph and share the experience on social profiles with the hashtag 




Associazione Culturale LandWorks

Sassari (Italy)

C.F. 92129180904

P. IVA 02706070907


The map is available by paper version at the Laveria and at the Landworks headquarters.

Who don't have the possibility to go physically in front of the installations will still be able to enjoy the increased content through an image printed on any media, framing it with the Bepart application.

Pozzo Alda

LAT. 40.73995161376902

LONG. 88.153065047819581

Andrea Zu 


Marked hands, calluses, scratches and bumps. Tunnels, mining tunnels, explosions and labyrinths in the mountains. An anthill swarming by the sea, moving boulders and precious gems

Via Carbonia

LAT. 40.7385801474889

LONG. 8.147799312568196

Milena Tipaldo 


The female and male world of the Argentiera live together in a single story evoked by surreal images

Ex Cinema

LAT. 40.739538735749505

LONG. 8.147543747944496

Adolfo di Molfetta


The lantern light, illuminates the darkness of the miner's hard work and, projected on the cinema screen, the dream of the Argentiera

Piazza Camillo Marchese

LAT. 40.7377082865105

LONG. 8.148692488117348

Francesco Clerici


The Argentiera today's inhabitants lend themselves to play/recite in an old miner's house, while yesterday's stories evoke scents and noises through Gianfranco's voice

Promoted and organized by

with the collaboration of

with the  contribution of


Curated by

Andrea Maspero e Paola Serrittu

with the collaboration of

Alessandro Alliaudi, Giovanni Franchina, Joris Jaccarino, Jacopo Jaccarino, Alessandro Virdis


Historic collaborator

Gianfranco Madarese


Drawings, photo, video and animations

Adolfo Di Molfetta, Francesco Clerici, Milena Tipaldo, Andrea Zucchetti

Exhibition design, Project comunicazione design by

LandWorks + Bepart


Installation realization

Andrea Maspero e Paola Serrittu

with the collaboration of

Gierre srl, Tecnoalt


Explanatory texts on display 



Translation of the explanatory texts on display

Christopher Loades, Rita Nieddu, Gabriella Serrittu

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